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Café Caiçara (Caiçara Coffee) – Since 1950.

We are a traditional and a solid coffee processing company that has already become a reference in the Brazilian market over these 69 years. 

Our company is expert on coffee roasting, we select the best Brazilian raw material to formulate a high quality blend that makes our product unique and authentic in the national and international market.

Our goals, values and beliefs:

trust and respect are the premises of our work.
preserve the best flavor and taste for every single coffee cup.
• a
lways invest in technology and qualification to offer high quality products with a competitive market price.
• select the best Brazilian raw material and follow a rigorous industrialization process.


- Roasted and Ground Coffee Line

    Classic Blend - Tradicional
(Light - Medium Roast)
Packing options:  Flexible Packing (shelf life: 6 months)
                               Vacuum Packed (shelf life: 18 months)
Classic Blend - Extra Bold
(Medium - Dark Roast)

 Superior - Export Type 
(Light - Medium Roast)


Vacuum Packed (shelf life: 18 months)

 Decaffeinated Coffee 
(Medium Roast)

Vacuum Packed (shelf life: 12 months)

(Light - Medium Roast)

Vacuum Packed (shelf life: 18 months)

- Whole Bean Roasted Coffee Line

Aluminum packaging with valve 
(shelf life: 6 months)  

Gourmet Coffee (Light Roast)

Produced for coffee lovers!
Gourmet Coffee Line provides the best Brazilian coffee.
Made from 100% arabica coffee coming from the best regions of Brazil:
South Mountains of Minas Gerais,
Alta Mogiana Paulista and
Cerrado Mineiro.

Our Gourmet Coffees have a unique taste and offer a fantastic sensation of the purest coffee flavor. Definitly an authentic drink reminding: flowers, fruit, caramel nuts, chocolate and a lovely sweetness.

1 - Café Caiçara Espresso Gourmet - Whole Bean - 1kg
2Café Caiçara Espresso Gourmet - Whole Bean - 500g



             - Coffee Capsules Line

Aiming for excellence, the Gourmet Coffee Capsules are elaborated through a careful selection of 100% arabica beans.

High technology process on roasting, grinding and encapsulation classifies our capsules as an authentic Gourmet.

Our capsules are airtight, 100% sealed that preserves all coffee properties and are fully compatible with the Nespresso Coffee Machines.

This beverage results is a delicious full-bodied coffee, striking sweetness, enveloping aroma and flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate nuts that are evidenced by the dense hazelnut cream that forms in the preparation of this drink.

1- Coffee Capsules Caiçara Classic 52g - Pack w/ 10 capsules 
2- Coffee Capsules Caiçara Intense 52g - Pack w/ 10 capsules
3- Coffee Capsules Caiçara Decaffeinated 52g - Pack w/ 10 capsules
*(Shelf life: 12 months)



Instant Coffee Line
(Soluble Coffee)

Caiçara Instant Coffee is the fastest and most practical way to prepare a delicious coffee.

Perfect when it is mixed with milk!
Packing options:
- Pouch Packing: 50g
- In bulk: 20 kg

*Shelf life: 18 months

Cappuccino Line

Presented in 2 versions, Cappuccino Caiçara is a perfect combination of: milk, chocolate and coffee. This creamy drink, velvety texture and easy to prepare can be consumed both way: hot and cold!

1- Cappuccino Caiçara Chocolate 200g - Packing Pot
2- Cappuccino Caiçara Traditional 200g - Packing Pot
Shelf life: 12 months

Paper Filter Line

The modernity of the paper filter that dialogues with metropolitan cities.


1- Paper Filter Café Caiçara Nº102 (Medium) - Packing w/ 30 Units
2- Paper Filter Café Caiçara Nº103 (Large) - Packing w/ 30 Units


   E-mail: export@caicara.com.br

   Name: Maura Victorio

   Skype: Maura Victorio

   Phone: +55 11 99491-8249

   Comercial phone: +55 11 4588-3609

Strainers Line

Economic and practical, the strainer is a tradition item in brazilians farms.
Get the real fresh coffee!
3- Coffee Strainer Caiçara - 1 Liter Unit (Medium) 
4- Coffee Strainer Caiçara - 2 Liters Unit (Large)


452 Cica St 
Vila Angelica
Jundiaí -São Paulo

Permanent Filter Line

Easy to use, the permanent filter is another practicality for the running days. 


5- Permanent Filter Caiçara Nº102 (Medium) - Unit
6- Permanent Filter Caiçara Nº103 (Large) - Unit
*Permanent Filter and Strainers are reusable as many times as you require.