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Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality

All of our products are certified and validated by the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association - ABIC that represents the roasting and grinding industries of coffee throughout the country since 1973.


The Purity - Permanent Coffee Purity Control Program certifies that the product is pure, unadulterated or blended, providing food safety, quality and consumer respect.
Created by ABIC in 1989, it remains active and was the first initiative of our Entity to boost consumption by improving quality. Its success is recognized worldwide.


Certification PQC - Coffee Quality Program, created in 2004 by ABIC (Brazilian Coffee Industry Association), certifies the quality of the final product trough sensorial analysis and classifies the coffee in 4 categories:

- Extra Bold
- Traditional
- Superior
- Gourmet


In addition to certifying our products, our company is also audited annually regarding good manufacturing practices and industrialization process.
The evaluation is done by tasters trained in accredited laboratories and the coffee quality category is determined according to the scale of Global Quality (QG) obtained by the product on a scale of 0 to 10, the higher note means better coffee quality. This classification, which is unique in the world, assists the consumer to identify the coffee for purchase.

Seals of Certification

Traditional or Extra Bold Seals:

Coffee for day-to-day consumption. It is a blend of Coffeea arabica and Coffee canephora (robusta).
QG Scale: 4.5 – 5.9

 Superior Seal:

Great quality coffee and intense taste produced by 100% Coffeea arabica beans.

QG Scale: 6.0 - 7.2



Gourmet Seal:

Excellent, exclusive and high-quality coffee with balance flavor and aroma.
Beans highly selected and roasted to perfection!
Taste: fruity notes, chocolates, and walnuts.

QG Scale: 7.3 – 10